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2019 Annual Fellows Program Application

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  • Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2019
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Frequently Asked Questions About the Fellows Program

Q. Who is a Church of God Fellow?

A: A person regardless of age who is exploring a call to vocational ministry. He/she has successfully completed the application process. He/she has not yet approached Credentials Division for licensing.

Q. What will the Church of God Fellows Program Provide?

A. The Church of God Fellows Program will provide ministry training options, help in ministry placement and provide scholarship money for persons who have successfully completed the Fellows application process.

Q. What ministry training options will there be?

A. The Canadian Church of God Ministries presently has training partnerships with the following institutions of higher education: Briercrest College and Seminary in Caronport, SK; Ambrose University in Calgary, AB; and Rocky Mountain College in Calgary, AB. A condition of the partnership is the recognition of the Church of God Fellows Program with course credit for the Church of God Distinctive Courses.

Q. What help will there be for ministry placement?

A. The Canadian Church of God Ministries is partnering with local churches to develop entry level positions for Fellows graduates. These partnerships will provide opportunities for Fellows graduates to begin ministry in a supportive environment in the area of ministry God has called them to.

Q. What scholarship money will be available?

A. Scholarship money is available to Fellows. A Scholarship equal to 25% of tuition and books is available for years one and two and 75% for years three and four for student enrolled in a BA in Christian Leadership at Ambrose or Rocky Mountain College. A Scholarship equal to 50% of tuition and books is available for students enrolled in the Vocational Leadership Course at Briercrest.

Q. How is the Fellows Program funded?

A. The Fellows Program is funded through the Leadership Development Fund and the Leadership Development Endowment Fund. Individuals and congregations are encouraged to give to the Leadership Development Fund directly. By policy the fund has committed on average $16,000 over four years to students preparing for the ministry. It will require funding three students on a yearly basis to ensure that the district places sufficient new pastors on the field annually. A leadership development scholarship fund of $48,000 per year will provide the funding necessary to fulfill this dream. In addition, funds need to be raised to support the Director of Leadership Development.

Q. How can I give?

A. Give directly to the Leadership Development Fund through your local church by establishing a line item for CCOGM Leadership Development. Or, give directly to the Leadership Development Fund by sending your cheque to Canadian Church of God Ministries designated: Leadership Development Fund.

What are the expectations to remain current as a Fellow?

There are four expectations. A Fellow will stay current in the program by:

  1. Completing COG Distinctives History class.

  2. Completing COG Distinctives Doctrine class.

  3. Declaring their intention to enter pastoral ministry by year three of a BA in Christian Leadership.

  4. Declaring their intention to work with the Leadership Development Director for placement in the Church of God.


** The Credentials Team recommends that all students seeking to be ordained with the Canadian Church of God Ministries pursue a Bachelor’s Degree (Bible/Ministry/Leadership concentration) or a Master’s Degree (2-3 year). The Credentials Team further recommends that the time period between licensing and ordination be no more than five years. If the candidate does not seek ordination after said time frame, they risk being put on probation and ultimately losing their license.**

How to Apply

Individuals wishing to become apart of the Fellows Program must apply through their local congregation and submit the Fellows application form compete with the required information. Application forms can be submitted online from the CCOGM website at:



a. Fill out the application online and submit it.

b. Have a Mentor fill out the reference form.

c. Have the Board Chair fill out the reference form.

d. Have your Pastor fill out the reference form.

Once all forms are received, the Director of Leadership Development will contact you.

Applications for financial assistance for academic programs at a college, university, or seminary must be received at the Regional Office at least one (1) month prior to the beginning of the academic year the applicate plans to enroll. Ministry Services will communicate its response to the applicant at their earliest convenience.

Disbursement of Funds:

It is our policy that disbursement of funds for approved applicants will be upon the completion of the course and the presentation of an official receipt through the local congregation.