2017 Student Internship Guidelines - Supervisor Form

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This Guide will help students and supervisors to track their experience to ensure an effective Internship for the student, supervisor and congregation.

Structured mentorship:

a. Weekly Mentorship and Debriefing

b. Intentional discipleship as a part of mentorship

Theological training:

a. This document is a guideline for Canadian Church of God Ministries. Be sure to follow guidelines set out by the Field Education Director of the College or Seminary you are attending to ensure your internship fulfills requirements for credit.

b. Please note that Canadian Church of God ministries Credentials Team Requires a minimum bachelors in religious studies for long term licensing and ordination.

c. Students should attend events such as LeaderConnect, Theologue, Youth leaders summit and other events to introduce the student to other vocational ministers.

Practical ministry skill development:

Practical opportunities that should be explored through the course of a pastoral internship:

A. Developing an intentional plan for discipleship

B. Baptism and preparation of candidates and the service

C. Baby dedication preparation of candidates and the service

D. Communion service preparation and or leading

E. Anointing for healing (James 5:13-18)

F. Trip to a funeral home

G. Funeral service preparation and or leading

H. Wedding service preparation and or leading (Including pre marital counselling observations)

I. Sharing the gospel with someone to receive Christ

J. Attending a board meeting

K. Teach a Sunday school Class, Bible study or discipleship group

L. Home and/or hospital visitation (include a shadowing and debriefing)

M. Assist in preparing and Leading a Congregational Worship Service

N. Preaching with coaching and plans for feedback

O. Budget process (meet with the Church Treasurer or Department Head to understand how the budget is determined and monitored according to CRA guidelines.)

P. Involvement in maintenance and management in church facilities (what it takes for a church to own and maintain a building)

Q. Goal setting/Vision Casting and Evaluation (short and long term)

Spiritual Formation:

Students are required to have an intentional reading, study and spiritual discipline plan.

Outreach and Mission Involvement:

*Exposure to local humanitarian organizations

*Planning an outreach event, missions trip or work camp *Developing connections with non-Christians in the community

For questions contact Dave Van Roon, Director of Leadership Development

davev@chog.ca; ph.780.667.3227

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